. . . a little story

Since the early eighties I'm fascinated by old mechanical clocks. Their mechanic and the art of the craftsman who created them, is a very good sign that there were always people, who liked precision. All started on a flee market where I found hidden under a table a chest with an old mechanic of a pendule with a brocot escapement broken to many pieces.

When I looked closer to th object in question, I could remark even with my amateurish knowledge, that this chest contained not even the mechanic but also the entire clock case in black marble broken to many pieces. After some bargaining I was very lucky to take this tresor home for small money.

Very quickly after a first cleaning I had to realise that the repair of this heap of rubble needed more than the knowledge of a beginner. So I looked for a clockmaker who I could ask for some help. But very quickly I understood that they exist these craftsmen, who are able to repair these clocks. But the repair is very time expensiv that only someone very enthusiastic would do the effort.

Result: the price for the repair would be twenty times more then the money I gave for the scrap. This lessened my passion a little bit.  But the clockmaker I asked for, encouraged me to try the repair myself. He gave me some hints and I started. The result was a working clock and . . . . a very proud fellow.

An so work continued with other clocks as the photos are showing. From left to the right you see . . .

starting of the work of an uncleaned clockwork with spring suspensionthe starting of the work of an uncleaned clockwork with spring suspension  polished parts before assemblythe well polished clockwork in all his pieces polished clockwork reassembledand the reassembled mecanic

Now I want to stop talking and try to show you some pieces of my collection and other fine pieces I found in the WEB. Maybe I will give away in good hands the one or other piece, for to find place for new ones... So feel free and give me a feedback.